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Stop Press .... before I get bombarded, there is a date correction: ACT Vets twilight game is Fri 12 Feb 


Glenn Green  

Navy Old Salts Cat Herder  

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On Wed, 20 Jan 2021 at 21:26, Navy Old Salts <> wrote:

G'day Fellow Old Salts


I trust you had an enjoyable Christmas and new year! Undoubtedly COVID played its part in the planning but it would seem it is something we'll need to learn to live with for some time yet.


The end of last year was somewhat of a blur ... I was away for about four weeks on a trip to Cape York, closely followed by the barefoot bowls evening then Christmas. I neglected to let you all know we've changed the composition of  the steering group. John Oakes regretfully resigned for personal reasons. I'd like to thank John for his efforts in helping get the Old Salts to where we are now. We've been able to expand our experience and knowledge base with the addition of a further two ladies, Tamara Sloper and Liz Rushbrook. In addition to their many skills Tamara brings an abundance of DVA/ESO type experience and a contacts network to the table and Liz, as some may remember, is a past Chairperson of RANRU and also brings a network of handy contacts. Tamara & Liz join Tania Oberg (past RANRU/ASRU women's player), Chris Smith, Cory McPherson and Mike Hogan (and me!) as the steering group/committee and we'll get the Old Salts to a position to hand over to an elected committee later this year. The original target of last year was squashed thanks to COVID. More on this a little later.   


We held the barefoot bowls event in November which was a great success. A good spread of experience, age that is not bowls, amongst the attendees. Partners joined us on completion of the bowls for a BBQ dinner. There may have been a couple of cold ones downed then while the old warries came out! My apologies for not sending out an email with some pics, I thought I had but when looking back through my 'sent' emails realised I hadn't done so! I've included a group photo in this email. It is intended that we establish a local contact in various areas across Oz (Cory McPherson will be following this up) and then be in a position to rollout these sorts of events nationwide if there is a demand. If you have an interest in being a local contact please drop Cory an email at 




The steering group had the second business planning meeting earlier this month, an all day affair at a great venue covered by Chris Smith. Thanks Chris. Some of the key targets for this year that came out of the meeting are:

  • finalising the Old Salts constitution;

  • establish a pool of candidates and conduct an Old Salts committee election; and

  • handover the running of the Old Salts to the new committee.  

It was also discussed how the Old Salts can best meet the organisation's objectives into the future. There is a significant amount of work to be done in this area and I'll keep you posted in regards to this.


RANRU have informed us that the ADF Rugby Championships are programmed to be held in Canberra over the period 22 - 29May at Gungahlin. No dates for specific games but historically the Navy v Army games - women & men - are played on the last Saturday (29th). A round robin of games for the Old Salts/Leopards (Army)/Aardvarks (RAAF) is usually programmed prior to the main games, however, it is hoped that the Leopards vs the Old Salts game (vet rules) for the ‘Eddie Seruitikana/Chops McClean Plate’ can be reinvigorated. Additionally, over this period it is intended to have a bowls (maybe barefoot?) bash on the Thursday followed up that night by an Old Salts dinner (a pretty informal affair). Friday will be the Army Old Boys Leopards Long Lunch, to which we Old Salts have a standing invite.Saturday is catch up day (playing day??)  at the rugby! Please put these dates and events in your diaries and as info comes to hand, I'll pass it on. The Old salts dinner will be an ideal face to face opportunity to meet and speak to members. It'll be a chance to update members where the steering group is at, discuss our constitution, provide details on the nomination and voting of committee members and answer any questions members may have. 


Further playing opportunities in the Old Salts calendar this year (TBC) include the annual Old Salts v ACT Vets as a curtain raiser to the Brumbies game 16Apr. The  Old Salts have been extended an invitation to be involved in the ACT Vets twilight game Fri 14 Feb and also their 'Fools Day' 12 Mar. Mike Hogan will provide more info, as it comes to hand, via our Facebook page and I'll resend via email.


Mike's experiment of getting a small batch of Old Salts rugby tops for selling to members worked a treat. The jerseys were done in both blue and white and looked great - see attached pic. Mike has said he'll be placing a second order in due course so watch this space. Ditto for a winter type jacket.


































As I mentioned previously, we have a Navy Old Salts Facebook page. I understand many may not be too keen on social media but is an easy and efficient form of communication. If you aren't already a member can I suggest you think about becoming one. Look up 'Navy Old Salts', answer two easy questions (first is provide a very brief description of your involvement with RAN rugby & the second is tick a box indicating you've read the site rules) and you'll be approved. In lieu of navigating your way around Facebook to find our page, easy access is available if you scan this QR code, you'll be taken straight there!




One last reminder ... if you decide you move ISP or change your email address, please let know so I can update you in our contacts list. If you no longer want to receive these emails, just let me know. 


I think that is plenty of reading for one day. More soon.


Cheers ................. Glenn


Glenn Green  

Navy Old Salts Cat Herder  

0449 267 262 (Glenn)








Greetings All


I trust this finds you all fit and well. We live in troubling times that look as though they aren't going to get a whole better in the short term so I guess we've got to make the best of what we've got!


Our hope of conducting the AGM before Christmas this year has been put on hold for a bunch of reasons. The committee positions for the immediate future will continue to be filled by steering group members just so we can keep things ticking over. (BTW, if anyone else would like to chuck their hat in the ring then please let me know.) The primary reason is to ensure we, in addition to catching up through the odd Old Salts game, continue to work towards being able to fulfil our mission statement of " ... focus on veteran’s (over 35s) rugby and provide help and support to our community of navy and former navy rugby players, supporters and their families with a specific focus on health and wellbeing". With Qld currently having less COVID restrictions than our neighbours to the south we've decided that we'll trial a few things in the immediate future to iron out any bugs and then, once we move into a COVID free world (or one less COVID effected) we can roll out some processes across other states. 


Our constitution has a Mentoring Manager's position who, with the assistance of regional and local assistants, can provide assistance to Old Salts. This may be on discharge when they are moving to a new area, provide assistance to Old Salts in times of need or simply arrange a lunch/coffee get together if someones hit a rough patch. We are certainly not wanting or trying to establish the Old Salts as an ESO - there are plenty of them already - but one of our members is Ray Sandford and he is the Qld Naval Association of Australia (NAA) president so we are setting up a working relationship with Ray and the Qld NAA to better help each other.    


There is potentially a ADFRU Old Boys game against the ACT Vets in Canberra Saturday 24 October. This is still tentative but any Old Salts interested please give Mike Hogan a yell ASAP in Canberra - or - to register interest and he'll keep you informed of developments. Your earliest advice would be appreciated.  


One last request ... if you've not already done so could you please shoot me back a one liner with the town/city or state where you live so I can better target emails as/when required, this ACT game being a prime example..


Cheers .......... Glenn


Glenn Green  

Navy Old Salts Cat Herder  

0449 267 262

G’day and welcome to RANRU Old Salts,

If you are reading this then you are probably an old sailor reminiscing about your Navy rugby days. If that is the case, you are in the right place!


In fact, if you still want to pull on a pair of boots the Old Salts still play the odd game of veteran’s rugby when the opportunity presents. The Old Salts organisation exists for so much more though. The reminiscing is just a part of what we want to achieve. Rugby and staying fit went hand in hand to achieve the mission when in the service and we still want that to be part of what we do now, hence our term “Navy Old Salts – Fit For Life”, represents our current mission.

We exist to support both RANRU and to support our fellow Old Salts rugby players and their families to be ‘Fit for Life’. The comradeship we have supports, and helps to foster a culture of confidence to discuss our health and wellbeing with a mate. If you are in the process of transitioning from the mob, we may well have a contact within our numbers to help mentor and assist you as you move to the next phase of your life, beyond the Service. If you’ve played or supported rugby at any level while in the Navy, and would like to be part of the Old Salts community please contact our secretary via the email

Finally, if you are on Facebook check out our history albums via the link in the left corner of this page.

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